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Gifts, Souvenirs, Swords, Muskets, Revolvers, Guns, (Black powder guns, black powder flintlock and black powder percussion muskets and revolvers) and a great selection of Books on the Battle of Gettysburg, Books on the Civil War, Biographies on Famous Americans, and major historical events. Also Historical Maps, collectible toy-soldiers, figurines and a wide selection of framed art. As well as educational toys and books for children a nd home-schooling.  

For inquiries and prices e-mail us at  habitatgettysburg@hotmail.com   

Armory & Bookstore
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Stoneham's Armory is the best shop in Gettysburg for Civil War Reproduction and Replica Guns (including Black Powder Rifles, Muskets and Revolvers), Swords, and a wide range of period Weaponry. 

Also carried period Pennsylvania Pewter and Pottery. Gargoyles, tavern puzzles, banks.


   Pewter made in PA

Civil  Chess sets     fine figurines.

 Lee on Traveler    Gen Lee bookend Historic Buildings Bookends

Historic Swords canes/knives

Kukri German

Genuine USPS P.O.Box. Trick Dog Bank

Modern bayonets      Shadow Boxes complete with weapons, flag etc.   Replica revolvers on plaques


                                                            For inquiries and prices e-mail us at  habitatgettysburg@hotmail.com   






From left: Cavalry, US Foot Officers, CSA "Shelby", Trooper's, CSA NCO, swords

Bottom clockwise: Bowie knife, Brass M1860 US, Gray M1860 US, Brass CSA, Gray CSA, M1851 "Navy" Silver, M1851 Gold, M1851 Ivory, Leather Holster.

Our highest "Museum" quality swords:
  1. Civil War Officer's Sword Knot
  2. U.S. M1860 Light Cavalry Saber
  3. CSA Foot Officer's Sword
  4. U.S. M1850 Staff & Field Officer's Sword
  5. Civil War Sword Belt
  6. U.S. Officer's Civil War Gauntlet
  7. Civil War Sword Hanger

Also carried are M1832 Artillery Short Sword, Troopers Sabers, Non-com officer's sword, musician's sword.


We stock a large range of "Civil War Era" black powder guns:  revolvers rifles and muskets by fine manufacturers such as Armi Sport, Euro Arms, Pieta and Uberti. For example: a few Remingtons are pictured:-

Revolvers, black powder:

1851 Navy .36cal.1858 Remington Steel .44cal. 1860 Army Steel .44 cal.    1860 Army Steel Sheriff .44 cal. 1862 Police .36 cal.   1849 Pocket .31 cal.1860 Reb. Model .36 and .44 cal. 1862 Pocket Police .36 cal. 1863 Remington  Pocket .31 cal.1863 Spiller & Burr .36 cal. 

1847 Walker  .44 cal. Cavalry Model Le Mat   

Patterson. Kentucky. Etc.

Rifles, black powder:

1841 Mississippi .58 cal. 1842 U.S. Percussion Musket .69cal.   1853 3-Band Enfield Musket .58 cal. 1858 Enfield 2-Band Musket .58  

1858 Remington Army Revolving Carbine .44 cal. Kentucky Rifles both Percussion and Flintlock

1859 Sharps Cavalry .54 cal.     1861 Springfield .58 cal.    1862 C. S. Richmond .58 cal. 1863 Remington "Zouave". Sharps Berdan. 

For inquiries and prices e-mail us at  habitatgettysburg@hotmail.com   

The American History Store is the place to go for Civil War & History Books, Quality Historic Flags, collector's DVD's, CD's and military memorabilia and of course fine toy soldiers by Britain and Conte

To get an idea of the books carried click on the links "a vast range of books" below:-

1. American History Store carries a vast range of books dealing with the Gettysburg Battle of 1863.

2. Some of the other areas of concentration are extensive holdings of books on the Revolutionary Period, Lincoln, Presidents, the Civil War, WWI, WWII, and other wars. (Click a vast range of books  to view).

3. Other important historical events and periods are well covered in our inventory of books, for example from Herodotus to Napoleon, to Bismarck, to Colonialism, to Fascism, to Communism, to events in the 21st C. (Click a vast range of books  to view).

Also find

a. Civil War Slouch Hats  Kepis,  Zulu War Pith Helmets

b. Art of Founding Fathers,         Civil war leaders etc.

c. Model Ships and Planes and Toy Soldiers         

d. DVD's  Many fine historical dvd's           

e. CD's       also Tour the Battlefield CD's

f. Much much more. (e.g. Historic National & Regimental Cotton Flags at low prices)

      Many more!

Culpepper/1776            Civil War: Battle Flag  34 Star at Gettysburg.  Irish Brigade

g. Figurines

h. Scrimshaw:

For inquiries and prices e-mail us at  habitatgettysburg@hotmail.com   


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