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Aaron Judge sets the record straight on Barry Bonds, home run record hunt


Aaron Judge of the New York Yankees is poised to make his name as a homer this season. With just under two months remaining in the MLB regular season, Judge has already hit 43 homers this season, and he doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. As Judge continues to hit bombs every night, many have begun to wonder how many home runs Judge will finish with this season.

As Judge continues his quest for home run immortality, he was asked his opinion on the single-season home run record, which is currently held by Barry Bonds at 73. The problem is, many don’t know at how seriously they can take it. record given Bonds’ ties to steroid use. When asked whether or not he considers Bonds’ file to be legit, Judge gave a simple answer:

“But I see the one Bonds set as a record. That’s what’s in the history books. This is the one I have to stay away from. –Aaron Judge, St. Louis Post Dispatch

Whether Judge can beat or even reach Bonds’ record remains to be seen. He should have an even bigger run than he started this season, and that may not happen very likely.

Instead, Judge has a better chance of breaking the American League single-season home run record set by Roger Maris at 61. Some consider Maris’ 61 homers to be the true record given that he had no steroids tainting his legacy.

But not judge. Aaron Judge has set his sights on Barry Bonds record 73, and while he’s not increasingly likely to hit his record this season, he seems determined to continue chasing his record in seasons to come. .