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Antiques Restoration: New Foxtel The Repair Shop Show To Demonstrate The Latest Trend In Heirloom Covid-19 Repair And Restoration


Legacy repair and restoration has become the latest pandemic boom trend, as Australians seek to rediscover the emotional value of their often overlooked family memories.

Housewives rediscover lost and pre-loved antiques, collectibles and memorabilia – often valued for their sentimental value rather than monetary value – and breathe new life into them.

Food services are struggling to keep up with demand, with jobs increasing by about a third year over year and inquiries drastically shifting from business to private clients.

Restaurateurs say Australians are discovering what is most important to us during these trying times, and adding character to our homes in the process.

“We’ve had a very busy year and we’re getting busier and busier,” said senior restaurateur Adrian Warren of AW Restoration.

“At the start of Covid it died like a lot of businesses, but now we’re up about 30%. It took us by surprise to be honest. People certainly want those items that are important to them to be reviewed during this time. “

Mr Warren, who has more than 35 years of experience, said his clients brought back anything from antique tables and chairs to unique items like Aboriginal ceremonial spears.

“Often it’s not so much to make it look new as to preserve the item,” he said.

“It might seem like a complete wreckage, but people can be quite surprised at how a room can be revived.

“And most of the time it’s not so much as an investment, although there certainly is that, but something that has intrinsic value. Its real cost is its importance for the owner, this family bond and the transmission of tradition.

Jason Snook of Jason Snook Antique Restorations, who has also been in the business for more than three decades, said his business has gone “from 90% commercial work to 95% private.”

Camera iconOur dusted antiques are becoming more and more important in today’s disposable society. Credit: Sun Herald

“The sentimental value really motivates people to watch a play,” he said.

“In today’s climate, this sentimental value is often worth more than the coin. He’s maybe 100, 150 years old with a thousand stories to go with him. People know you can’t do things like that by hand anymore. It’s not like an Ikea piece of furniture that lasts a year.

“I line a lot of rooms with more modern fabrics, crazy colors that make it more modern.

“People who haven’t done anything restore before will say ‘I should have done it years ago.”

A growing thirst to appreciate these old-fashioned treasures, seen not only in Australia, has sparked a TV phenomenon that has brought tears and warmed hearts across the UK – and is now in the process of happen.

The repair shop, in production and airing on Foxtel, will feature experts restoring artifacts and exploring the special stories behind them. Host Dean Ipaviz said it would harness the “feel-good factor” of important sentimental pieces brought back to life and touch the deepest feelings of people about who they really are.

Dean Ipaviz, host of Foxtel's new show, The Repair Shop.  Photo: Foxtel
Camera iconDean Ipaviz, host of Foxtel’s new show, The Repair Shop. Foxtel Credit: Provided

“We live in a disposable age and things like these that people discover or rediscover in the back of their closet or in the garage are really important to them because of their family history (and) because of how strong they are. emotional attachment to them, ”he said. noted.

“They contain such great stories, and a lot of that and the subject of the series is the history of Australia – this Australiana.

“We’ve probably underestimated the value of this to ourselves and our families – and at times like this, it comes back to us just how much objects like this, whether it’s a old Ediphone, from a beautiful piece of furniture or from a dollhouse, are really who we are.

If you have a damaged heirloom, a prized antique, a loved one’s prized possession, or any other item that needs to be restored and want to appear on Foxtel’s repair shop, apply here.

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