Home National museum “From Dawn to Dusk” with 56 masterpieces from the National Museum of Sweden opens February 19 at the Nordic National Museum

“From Dawn to Dusk” with 56 masterpieces from the National Museum of Sweden opens February 19 at the Nordic National Museum

“From Dawn to Dusk” with 56 masterpieces from the National Museum of Sweden opens February 19 at the Nordic National Museum

In the Garden by Johan Krouthen 1887-1888

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At a time when few international art exhibitions travel to America, the National Nordic Museum is presenting one of the largest West Coast European art exhibitions in 2022
On February 19, the National Nordic Museum will premiere a landmark exhibition from one of Northern Europe’s most important art museums with “From Dawn to Dusk: Nordic Art from the Nationalmuseum of Sweden “. The 56 paintings in the exhibition are by leading artists from the Nordic region of the late 19th century, including works by Anders Zorn, August Strindberg, Bruno Liljefors, Carl Larsson, Hanna Hirsch-Pauli, Harriet Backer, Nils Kreuger and Vilhelm Hammershøi, among others.

“This is an in-depth look at one of the most popular periods of Nordic art with works by the greatest Danish, Norwegian and Swedish artists,” said executive director Eric Nelson. “We are very grateful to the Nationalmuseum for generously loaning such extraordinary works.”

The exhibition traces the last decades of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century, a period of spectacular development of the art of the Nordic countries, through scenes of daily life, portraits and landscapes. Young artists tired of the conservative art scene in their respective countries travel abroad, mostly to France and Paris. Here they could experience personal freedom and a modern, cosmopolitan art scene. In particular, women artists encountered much better conditions in Paris than at home in the Nordic countries. “Compared to Stockholm, the [late 19th-century] The Parisian art world was an endless field of prosperous opportunities, and at the time, Paris was the undisputed art capital of the world. Young artists became increasingly aware of the more liberal art world in Paris, fueling their frustration with the conservative academies of the North,” said Carl-Johan Olsson, curator of 19th century painting at the Nationalmuseum.

“From Dawn to Dusk: Nordic Art from the Nationalmuseum of Sweden” includes 56 paintings by Danish, Norwegian and Swedish artists housed in the collection of the Nationalmuseum in Stockholm, Sweden. It will be presented exclusively at the Nordic National Museum from February 19, 2022 to July 17, 2022 and accompanied by a full range of lectures, concerts and art classes related to the exhibition.

Organized by the Nationalmuseum in Stockholm, Sweden, and the National Nordic Museum in Seattle, Washington, this exhibition was curated by Nationalmuseum curator Carl-Johan Olsson. The presentation at the National Nordic Museum, the exhibition’s exclusive North American location, is coordinated by Leslie Anne Anderson, director of collections, exhibitions and programs.

Nordic artists synthesized the contemporary ideas, practices and styles they encountered in Paris to represent the motifs of their region of origin. Over the next century, the Nationalmuseum collected these images as exemplars of this story. “These treasured paintings transport visitors to a time when artistic influences from abroad ignited passions, inspired the creation of new avenues for artists to succeed, and ultimately shaped new national schools of art. Above all, From dawn to dusk reflects current scholarship and shares some recent acquisitions from the Nationalmuseum collection that exemplify the profound contributions of Nordic women artists at this groundbreaking moment in art history,” said Anderson.

The presentation of the Nordic National Museum of From dawn to dusk was made possible by Ann-Charlotte Gavel Adams, Peter and Sophia Ku in honor of Mrs. Viola Evelyn Greathouse, Maria Staaf and William Jones, the Barbro Osher Pro Suecia Foundation, the Scan Design Foundation and the Robert Lehman Foundation.