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Help Wanted: National Museum of Racing And Hall Of Fame Seeking Curator, Museum Educator – Horse Racing News



The National Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame in Saratoga Springs, NY has immediate full-time openings for Curator and Museum Educator positions. Interested candidates should send a CV, cover letter and references to: [email protected]

Job Overview: Museum Curator

Department: Conservatory
FSLA Status: Exempt
Reports to: Director

The museum curator is responsible for the development, installation and maintenance of temporary and semi-permanent exhibitions; assistance to the collections manager, if necessary, for collection, acquisitions and conservation; Respond to media and public inquiries regarding exhibitions and permanent collections; maintain adequate communication between the Curatorial Department and the Collections and Exhibits Committee and the Board of Trustees.

Main Duties and Responsibilities Exhibitions:

  1. Planning, development and installation of exhibitions: Includes long-term planning; creation and maintenance of annual budgets for general and special exhibitions; research subjects and script the scenario, panels and labels of the exhibition; design exhibits (general flow, wall elevations, window arrangements, selection of objects); design exhibit graphics and labels; project management and collaboration with guest curators, exhibition designers and preparators (as needed); produce marketing materials associated with exhibitions, including exhibition materials, catalogs and website content; work with technical services/education to develop exhibits or related interactive programs; installation of artwork, display cases and accompanying labels; promote exhibitions with the Director of Communications.
  2. Correspondence with the Collections and Exhibitions Committee and the Board of Trustees: answer questions and receive suggestions from museum trustees regarding exhibition ideas, potential donors or lenders; discuss and review collections issues regarding acquisitions and major projects with the Collections Committee and others as required; serve as acting secretary for all Collections Committee meetings and prepare meeting materials, including agenda, prior to meetings, sending approved meeting minutes to the entire Committee in a timely manner ; present the exhibition report at the annual meeting of the board of directors in August.
  3. Graphic design and publishing: Participate in various graphic design projects and design signs, advertisements, etc., according to the needs of the Museum and its events; verification of publications, written materials, leaflets, etc., before publication.

Qualifications: This museum curator position requires a bachelor’s degree in museum studies, history, or art history with three to five years of experience in curatorial work. A master’s degree in museum studies or a related field and experience working in a museum are preferred. This position requires knowledge of collection management and exhibition development procedures, in addition to the ability to prioritize, delegate and work collaboratively on major projects. Strong attention to detail and superior organizational skills are essential. Knowledge of Thoroughbred racing industry and history preferred. Computer skills required include: Microsoft Office, knowledge of maintaining and updating databases (PastPerfect for collections). Some graphic design skills and software knowledge (Adobe Creative Suite) preferred.

Salary range: $50,000 to $55,000

Job Overview: Museum Educator

Department: Education
FSLA Status: Exempt
Reports to: Director

The Museum Educator is responsible for creating, implementing, maintaining, and promoting educational programs that reflect the museum’s mission to preserve and promote the history of Thoroughbred racing in America and to to honor the sport’s most accomplished participants in the Official Thoroughbred Racing Hall of Fame. The Museum Educator will extend the interpretation and presentation of the Museum’s collection to the public through the development and implementation of curriculum-based programs for youth, as well as programs for adults. The Museum Educator is responsible for overseeing the museum’s volunteer program and the Discovery Paddock located at the Saratoga Racetrack during the annual summer meet, both of which are managed by the Program Educator.

Job Responsibilities:

  1. Youth programs:
    • Develop, coordinate and deliver educational programs (with program educator) for preschool through middle school (including weekly preschool drop-in program), Girl Scouts, 4-H, BOCES, camps, health, l history and horses (4th curriculum), high school and college curricula.
    • Coordinate, manage and display annual student art exhibitions.
    • Develop and coordinate the Discovery Paddock program at Saratoga Racetrack.
    • Develop and coordinate an eight-week summer program called “Backstretch Buddies” for the children of Faith’s House.
    • Develop, coordinate and deliver special programs targeting youth and their families, such as Family Fun Days celebrating special events at the Museum.
    • Develop awareness programs to bring to schools.
    • Plan special events, solicit donations (eg, student art exhibit, school holiday programming).
  2. Programs for adults:
    • Develop, coordinate, and deliver adult education programs, including guided tours of the Oklahoma Museum and Training Track, photo-finish photography tours, and offsite speaking engagements.
    • Develop programs highlighting the Museum’s special exhibitions, including those concerning relevant historical moments and events.
    • Coordinate a series of seasonal farm tours.
    • Develop community outreach programs and presentations.
  3. Online programming:
    • Create and host online educational programs and virtual tours via Facebook Live, YouTube and Zoom.
  4. Volunteers and guides:
    • Work with the Program Educator to develop, coordinate and implement a Museum-wide volunteer and docent program, including recruitment, selection, training, supervision and scheduling.
    • Collaborate between departments to maximize the use of volunteers and guides to meet the needs of the Museum.

Qualifications: Bachelor’s degree in education, museology, history or equine studies. Knowledge of K-12 developmental stages, with a focus on early childhood development, arts integration, local and national standards, and application of learning theories to education museum. Ability to work effectively with people of all ages. Highly organized and able to multi-task and set priorities. Flexible and patient with strong customer service, training and supervisory skills. Very creative and able to solve problems with originality. Ability to work in a fast paced team environment.

Salary range: $40,000 to $50,000

For more information about the National Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame, including upcoming events, please visit www.racingmuseum.org or call (518) 584-0400.