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How Simba Queens is rewriting the history books


Indeed, the proof of this foolproof assertion can be drawn from a few irrefutable examples.

For example, the senior women’s national football team, Twiga Stars, magnificently hoisted the coveted trophy during the COSAFA Women’s Championship a few years ago.

On the heels of this impressive feat, the National Women’s U-20 Football Team, affectionately known as Tanzanite, beautifully won the coveted COSAFA Women’s U-20 Championship title.

Moreover, the fact that the Serengeti Girls exceptionally qualified for the quarter-finals of the just-concluded FIFA U-17 Women’s World Cup further strengthens the argument that there is a wealth of untapped talent. in local women’s football.

Yet, if there were any doubts about our country’s impressive prowess in women’s football, the Simba Queens’ stellar performances in the CAF Women’s Champions League (CAF WCL) must have prevailed.

Indeed, last weekend, the Simba Queens ripped through the history books as they became the first-ever women’s football club in East Africa to advance to the semi-finals of the prestigious CAF WCL.

Undeniably, this is a giant step for domestic women’s football as it illuminates the ever-increasing trajectory of domestic women’s football.

Undoubtedly, therefore, it seems logical that greater investment should be made in domestic women’s football as there is unquestionably a deep reservoir of talent in women’s football.

Now let’s take a look at local men’s football where an underrated team have established themselves on the local scene over the past three years.

Indeed, the team in question Namungo FC appeared on the football scene totally out of the blue two seasons ago when they qualified for the second tier CAF Confederation Cup.

Even though things didn’t go to plan last season in the CAF Confederation Cup, the one priceless gift Namungo FC was able to obtain was the invaluable experience of playing in the fiercely competitive landscape of African football. , which should be very useful for them in the future.

Interestingly, Namungo FC’s rise in the domestic football arena comes at a time when Azam FC proved unable to topple heavyweights Simba SC and Yanga from the pinnacle of local football.

Despite being a deep-pocketed football team, Azam FC found it extremely difficult to give Yanga and Simba SC a serious run for their money.

It should be noted, however, that during their early seasons in the local football top flight, Azam FC were widely seen as the team that could potentially break Yanga and Simba’s tight grip on domestic football.

Nevertheless, as the last five seasons have so well demonstrated, Azam FC have failed to change the status quo of local football.

Indeed, Yanga won the Continental Premier League title last season and Simba SC clinched the title four times in a row in the four seasons leading up to the last league campaign.

That said, it’s debatable whether Namungo FC can pose a dangerous threat to the lofty aspirations of Simba and Yanga – with the financial limitations the club undoubtedly faces compared to the two big guns of Tanzanian football.

What is irrefutable though, is the fact that it has been heartening to watch Namungo FC emerge from obscurity over the past few seasons at home.