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JA Happ, 2009 Phillies Rotation Step into the history books



JA Happ helped himself and other left-handed 2009 Phillies starters with this feat.

Aside from Cole Hamels, who has yet to officially retire, there is only one active player left in the 2008 and 2009 Philadelphia Phillies lineup – left-handed starting pitcher JA Happ.

Now 38, Happ last threw a Phillies uniform in 2010, before being traded to the Houston Astros with two other prospects for right-hander Roy Oswalt.

Happ went 14-5 with a 3.11 ERA in red stripes. Since then, he has recorded 113 wins in more than 290 games. His most recent start on Sunday has indeed provided him and the rest of his fellow 2009 National League champion left-handed starting pitchers with an impressive feat.

The Minnesota Twins pitcher’s victory over the Cleveland Indians secured him his 127th all-time victory. According to the Twitter user @ drewdavis71, he is now one of the top 100 most successful left-handers of all time.

Three other starting pitchers for the 2009 Phillies are on the same list – Jamie Moyer (163 wins), Cole Hamels (163) and Cliff Lee (143). The fact that the 2009 Phillies staff have four of the All-Time Top 100 lefties is remarkable and one of the many reasons the team nearly managed to repeat themselves as World Series champions.

2009 Phillies Starting Pitchers Statistics *

  • Cliff Lee: 7-4, 3.39 ERA, 12 starts, 74 strikeouts, 10 walks
  • JA Happ: 12-4, 2.93 ERA, 35 appearances (23 starts), 119 strikeouts, 56 walks
  • Jamie Moyer: 12-10, 4.94 ERA, 30 appearances (25 starts), 94 strikeouts, 43 walks
  • Joe Blanton: 12-8, 4.05 ERA, 31 starts, 163 strikeouts, 59 walks
  • Cole Hamels: 10-11, 4.32 ERA, 32 starts, 168 strikeouts, 43 walks

(* Brett Myers, Pedro Martinez, Chan Ho Park, Rodrigo Lopez, Antonio Bastardo, Kyle Kendrick and Drew Carpenter also appeared as starting pitchers)

What’s also remarkable about Happ’s Sunday performance is that exactly 12 years ago, on June 27, 2009, he had completed his first career shutout.

Happ is signed until the 2021 season on an $ 8 million pact with the Twins. This year, he’s 4-3 with a 5.83 ERA in 14 starts. His best career season to date dates back to 2016 with the Toronto Blue Jays, going 20-4 with a 3.18 ERA covering 32 starts. He finished sixth in the Cy Young Award race.



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