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Letter to the editor: History books cover bombings | Letters


Friday August 6 was the anniversary of one of the most significant events in American history, the dropping of the nuclear bomb on Hiroshima, Japan, which ended the war in the Pacific.

I was 12 that day, August 6, 1946, and I have vivid memories of that horrible event. Since that day, many well-educated historians and others have studied the decision to drop the bomb, and almost all have looked at the morality of that decision. It was extremely complicated and difficult and many questions were answered and carefully answered.

There are those who are still wondering, like the author of Friday’s Missoulian letter. Unfortunately, his letter contains a number of errors and at least one major omission.

For those who wish to know the truth and accuracy of this period in our history, there are many history books that cover this horrific event. The most recent I’ve read is AJBaime’s “The Accidental President”, which covers President Truman’s very difficult decision that led to the end of the Pacific War. And there are many more.

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