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National Museum of the Philippines to reopen on October 19 – Manila Bulletin


The National Museum of the Philippines (NMP) will reopen on Tuesday, October 19.

Last Friday, October 15, the NMP announced on its Facebook page the security protocols that will be in place at the museum as soon as it reopens.

He said only fully vaccinated people can enter the museum complex.

The NMP has four flagship museums: the National Museum of Fine Arts (NMFA), the National Museum of Anthropology (NMA), the National Museum of Natural History (NMNH) and the National Planetarium (NP) which was recently established. out of order.

The NMFA has 29 galleries showcasing classic and contemporary art and sculpture by 19th-century masters, National Artist Award winners, and contemporary icons. It also features the most famous Filipino painting – Juan Luna’s “Spoliarium”. The NMA exhibits Filipino ethnographic, terrestrial and underwater archaeological collections.

The permanent gallery “Baybayin: Ancient and Traditional Writings of the Philippines” highlights pre-colonial writing and displays documents from the colonial period.

The NMNH, which was launched in 2018, features the “Tree of Life,” a metal-framed glass dome that dominates the central courtyard. According to the NMP, it is the most visited museum, which features Filipino flora and fauna.

Finally, the recently decommissioned NP features modern astronomical exhibits and indigenous Filipino ethnoastronomy, which shows how pre-colonial Filipinos were guided by star models.

The NMFA, NMA and NMNH buildings are respectively the legislative building, the building of the Ministry of Finance and the building of agriculture and commerce.



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