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Part of Mr. Spock goes to the Smithsonian National Museum


Mr. Spock is an important part of the story

Is there anything more iconic in the Star Trek universe than Mr. Spock’s ears? The prosthetics, worn by Leonard Nimoy, were originally considered too “demonic” for Star Trek: The Original Series, but it didn’t take long for “Spockmania” to set in. Fans everywhere were hooked by the Vulcan who demonstrated logic beyond anything we could imagine. After the TOS was canceled, Nimoy took the ears home as a collector’s item and built a case for them in order to protect tips and honor his time as the enigmatic Mr. Spock.

Now Adam and Julie Nimoy have donated the ears to the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum and will be on display in the fall of 2022 in the upcoming Kenneth C. Griffin Exploring the Planets Gallery. These ears join an array of Star Trek collectibles that are housed at the museum, including the Star Trek Starship Enterprise studio model, which will be on display again in the museum’s Boeing Milestones of Flight Hall when the gallery’s renovation is completed. completed, according to Smithsonian National Air and Space Official Website.

Mr. Spock will always offer a vision of hope to Star Trek fans

Adam and Julie Nimoy know the importance of the ears their father wore and the legacy he left, and they were honored to donate Spock’s ears with the donation honoring Beit T’Shuvah and the Leonard Research Fund. Nimoy on COPD at UCLA.

“Mounted in a black box, these ears have been in our family for over fifty years as a tribute to Dad’s outstanding performances as Mr. Spock and the inspiration and hope that Star Trek has given to generations of fans all over the planet. Today, I have the honor to donate Spock’s iconic ears to the National Air and Space Museum, which houses the studio model of the Enterprise spacecraft, where they can be experienced by visitors The donation honors Beit T’Shuvah and the Leonard Nimoy COPD Research Fund at UCLA, two organizations supported by our family and dedicated to the Vulcan greeting of long life and prosperity.

The museum released a statement expressing how thrilled it was to have a pair of Spock ear tips from the TOS set, tips that were “designed and cherished by the man who brought the iconic character to life. for the first”.