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Presidential memorabilia including hair of George and Martha Washington up for auction


Boston-based RR Auction sells nearly 300 historical pieces tied to the presidency, ranging from locks of hair by George and Martha Washington to the Harvard sweater by John F. Kennedy. The auction house specializes in historical manuscripts, autographs and artefacts.
“We have things starting at $ 100 in five digits, so this is an incredible history lesson from US presidents,” said Bobby Livingston, executive vice president of RR Auction. WBZ, subsidiary of CNN.

The presidential auction, which began on February 11 and ends on February 18, features items that embody the “lives and legacies” of former presidents and their families, the auction house said in a statement.

Among the most valuable objects in the block are the hair of the first US President and his wife, carefully placed in two floral frames, estimated to be worth at least $ 75,000.

“Some of the most valuable presidential artifacts are presidential hair,” Livingston said. “In the 18th and 19th century, it was not out of place to take a lock of hair as a souvenir.”

“We actually sold a lock of Lincoln hair last year for over $ 80,000,” he added.

Other items up for auction include a large portrait of President Abraham Lincoln and his son, Tad. The intimate portrait is “one of only three known specimens” of this size and pose, RR Auction said in the statement.

John F. Kennedy’s Crimson Red Wool Harvard Sweater, which was gifted to CBS cameraman Herman Lang and has a label with “Kennedy” sewn into the collar, is sold with an estimated value of $ 35,000.

The former president’s college sweater was gifted to Lang by Jacqueline Kennedy as he filmed an outdoor portion of an interview with the first lady months after her husband’s assassination.

Numerous documents – including Andrew Johnson’s order for a day of mourning after Lincoln’s assassination, a lottery ticket signed by Washington, and typewritten letters signed by Eleanor Roosevelt – are among the other items featured in the sale to auction.

All items have been authenticated by experts, many of which come with letters of authenticity for an additional fee, according to RR Auction.


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