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Some reasons why people take a personal loan in the Philippines


Many people in the Philippines take out a personal loan for many different purposes. For this reason, many financial institutions offer this type of loan to all customers in this country. Whenever you have a financial goal to achieve, you might consider taking out a loan or calling a friend.

Mikka Montero, financial journalist, editor of the Philippines, notes that most Filipinos who live paycheck to paycheck and are often in dire need of finance. Unfortunately, the average salary in the country is low and people cannot save for an emergency.

Although the art of borrowing money has a bad reputation with many Filipinos, it may be the last option for people who need money for whatever reason. If you are in this financial situation, you can consider taking out a personal loan. Here are some common reasons why you may take a quick cash loan online in the philippines.

a. Education

Education will be a major investment for many people. If you want to pursue higher education for your level of education or if you want to finance your children’s college education. Tuition fees will be very expensive for most people in the Philippines today. For example, when you are going to send your child to attend medical school, you may need to prepare around PHP 300,000 per semester.

b. Medical emergencies

This is another situation when you need to take out a loan, especially when you have nothing in your savings account. Some related costs are not covered by your insurance plan, such as medication, post-operative treatments, etc. These urgent expenses cannot wait. When you need immediate funds for these expenses, you can consider taking out an online loan.

vs. Home improvement or repair

This is another common factor why people want to take out a loan. You may have emergency problems that occur in your home, for example, fire, flood, and any other disasters. Or you may also need to expand the space in your home for your growing family. You can also build a door or other security devices. All these renovation costs can take a lot of your money.

D. travel or vacation

Although traveling can be a luxury activity, many people want to do this activity regularly. Travel or vacation spending can bring many benefits to you and your family. This allows you to learn different cultures, develop new skills, expand your network and also strengthen the bond between all your family members. You can save some of your money for your travel expenses. However, you may need to take out a loan when the budget is not enough for this traveling activity.

e. Marriage

When we talk about weddings, most Filipinos agree that it is an expensive event for most of them. It is very common for many engaged couples to spend between 500,000 and 1 million pesos just to get married in this country. Even if you plan to go for a simple and intimate wedding, you might need to spend around PHP 100,000 to 200,000. It will be a huge investment for you and your spouse.

F. Home Office Setup

During this pandemic, many companies are asking their employees to start working from home. Switching to work from home arrangement will require you to purchase some necessary tools and equipment, for example, monitor, personal computer, laptop, etc. You may need to arrange your bedroom to be comfortable for you. A good home office setup will require fast internet access. You can invest your money in high speed internet which can go up to 10 Mbps.

g. Pregnancy

There are many unforeseen expenses during pregnancy. Getting pregnant during the pandemic is more expensive than ever. The need for swab tests before entering the hospital and a safe mode of transport to do the consultation will require you to prepare your budget for this pregnancy. When you are going to give birth in the hospital, you need to pay for the personal protective equipment of all medical workers during childbirth.

When you need to spend some of your money on any of these expenses, you can consider taking out a personal loan to achieve your personal goals. Remember to plan your repayment effectively, to avoid having problems in the future. Budgeting each month will help you manage your finances each month, so you can pay off your loan on time.

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