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ST Photo Exhibition at the National Museum on Climate Change, Covid-19


SINGAPORE – In the face of a crisis, be it the Covid-19 pandemic, armed conflict or climate change, humanity demonstrates its resilience in different ways.

In a Brazilian care facility, a “cuddly curtain” has been developed to allow elderly patients to have the warmth of a hug without the threat of coronavirus infection.

In Israeli jails, Palestinian inmates kept their hopes of raising families alive by smuggling semen to their wives in chocolate bars or pen tubes.

Singapore, a small island state vulnerable to rising sea levels, is combining nature’s gifts with human engineering to prevent its coasts from being submerged.

These are among the stories of courage – and humanity’s refusal to be intimidated by seemingly overwhelming challenges – that will be displayed in a Straits Times photo exhibition at the National Museum of Singapore from Saturday 15 January.

Entitled Through The Lens, the exhibition features approximately 200 photographs and videos by local and international photojournalists.

Admission to the exhibition, which ends February 6, is free.

ST’s editor, Warren Fernandez, who is also the editor of the English, Malay and Tamil media group at SPH Media Trust, said the powerful visuals in the exhibition reflect the biggest stories of the day.

He added: “We want to share the images, and also dig deeper into what they mean through the various discussions with our audience. This will lead to greater awareness and understanding for all. This is the one of the ways we aim to do more to connect and engage our audience.”

The exhibition, which celebrates the best in visual and interactive journalism, includes The Straits Times Photo exhibition and the World Press Photo exhibition.

The World Press Photo is an international competition that began in 1955 and is run by the World Press Photo Foundation, a non-profit organization headquartered in Amsterdam.

It features 160 award-winning photos from the non-profit organization’s annual competition.

This year’s edition attracted 74,470 entries from 4,315 photographers from around the world.

The winning photograph was taken by Mr. Mads Nissen, a photographer based in Denmark. Her photo shows Rosa Luzia Lunardi, 85, kissed through a “curtain of hugs” by nurse Adriana Silva da Costa Souza, at the Viva Bem care home in Sao Paulo, Brazil, August 5, 2020.

It was the first hug the elderly woman had received in five months, as carers were told to keep physical contact with vulnerable people to a minimum.