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Stephen Curry overtakes Scottie Pippen in the NBA history books


Stephen Curry, man. What is there to say? The Golden State Warriors superstar has been on an absolute tear to start the season, scoring at an inhuman level similar to his unanimous MVP season. He has catapulted himself to the top of the league thanks to his play, as he looks to lead his team back to the final.

Friday’s game with the Portland Trail Blazers gave Curry another shot in history, and he delivered. Stephen Curry has passed Bulls legend Scottie Pippen on the all-time goalscoring list, earns 62nd place on the famous list.

Curry’s 32-point outing against the Blazers propelled the Warriors to an easy 118-103 win. They improved to 17-2, keeping alive a winning streak that points to a potential Finals appearance for this team. While the whole team has been excellent throughout the season, Stephen Curry has been the main attraction due to his insane goalscoring ability.

This realization of Curry on Scottie Pippen could be cathartic for some Warriors fans. The famous Hamptons 5 team was among the things that Pippen has dispelled recently, as he claimed his Bulls teams would easily beat this super team. While there’s no realistic way to prove Pippen wrong, Warriors fans can feel good knowing that Curry beat Pippen in at least one thing.

As for the Warriors, they will face another tough team in two days. They’re set to visit the Los Angeles Clippers, who have also quietly picked up wins this season. Another declaration win from this team will likely eliminate all doubts about this team’s legitimacy. Can they maintain their winning streak against Paul George?

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