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The National Museum of American History recognizes the contributions of the Latin community on September 11


On Tuesday, September 7, in commemoration of the 20th anniversary of September 11, the National Museum of American History announced it will add items commemorating the contributions of Latinos on that tragic day.

An item is a blouse worn by a Univision journalist who covered the terrorist attacks that day.

“At the National Museum of American History, we are committed to keeping the memory of this day alive with a wide range of communities to actively develop the stories of Americans in the post 9/11 world,” said museum director Anthea. Hartig.

Almost two decades ago, journalist Blanca Rosa Vilchez was near the World Trade Center in New York. While covering the city’s primary elections, she witnessed the collapse of the two skyscrapers which were hit by commercial airliners.

Vilche continued to report from the scene for several days wearing the same blue blouse and black pants. Both garments were added to the museum exhibit.

“After two decades, we continue to feel the complex and enduring personal and national ramifications of the attacks.”

Ivonne Coppola Sanchez also participated in the rescue efforts that day as one of the first responders, part of an emergency team dressed in sports gear. One of her pieces of clothing will also be featured in the 9/11 exhibit. Coppola was part of the team that set up a makeshift mortuary on the site where the World Trade Center towers collapsed.

The museum has a digital tool open to the public called “Share Your 9/11 Story”, a virtual space that invites people to share the effect of 9/11 on their community and what they think about life after the event. September 11th. world. The platform is in Spanish and is in collaboration with El Museo del Barrio, the Mexican Consulate General in New York and the Mexican Cultural Institute in Washington DC to develop the material.

In addition, the museum recently acquired narrative material from New York’s Latin American community and will feature three virtual panels exploring the stories of the experiences of Latin American and Chinese communities in the city.


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