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The National Museum publishes the second issue of its magazine Iran


TEHRAN – The National Museum of Iran recently published the second issue of its prestigious journal, which includes scientific studies and articles on archaeology, museum management and restoration.

According to Jebrael Nokandeh, director general of the museum, the second issue of the online journal provides a platform for publishing articles on topics related to archaeology, museum management, restoration and related theoretical studies based on research on museum collections either at the National Museum of Iran or other museums inside or outside Iran.

The large museum includes the Iran-Bastan Museum (Ancient Iran) and the Museum of Islamic Archeology and Art of Iran, as well as eight research departments, the conservation department, the library and the archives.

The research departments are organized according to specific archaeological and historical periods and themes. Moreover, the National Museum of Iran houses the largest collection of archaeological objects in the country.

The collections range from the Paleolithic to the late Islamic period and represent over a million years of human settlement and cultural achievements in Iran. Paleolithic personal jewellery, clay and human figurines from early village communities, earliest evidence of administrative technology and writing from the 4th millennium BC, stone reliefs and capitals from Persepolis, life-size bronze statue Parthian nature of “Shami Man”, the natural mummy of a man called “Salt Man”, the Ilkhanid mihrab (prayer niche) of Dar-e Behesht and the pen and ink paintings (Siah Qalam) of Reza Abbasi from the Safavid period are among the important objects in the museum.