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The National Museum seeks traditional Khmer household items for preservation and display


The National Museum of Cambodia is planning an exhibition of traditional household items used in daily life and to achieve this, the museum has sent out a request to the public to donate all the items they have to the museum.

The director of the National Museum of Cambodia, Chhay Visoth, said yesterday that the museum always welcomes all kinds of traditional Khmer household materials from people, which is so important for the next generation to see in the museum.

“I fear that these traditional Khmer household items will soon disappear as people use them less and less and forget about them. The national museum welcomes all these household items and it doesn’t matter if they look too old or broken,” he said.

Visoth said the museum already has a lot of household materials from prehistoric times to the present day made from donated wood or metal.

Visoth explained that not only household items are collected, but also modern works of art, which will be exhibited to the public in the near future, especially the rare traditional household items which are rapidly disappearing from Cambodia.

He added that the museum also received palm leaf artifacts from residents of Stoung district, Kampong Thom province.

Sambo Manara, a history professor at Cambodia’s Pannasastra University, said yesterday that he was very pleased with the museum’s efforts and supported the collection of Khmer household materials from prehistory to the modern era, but he is a bit late as rare Khmer household materials were sold. to foreign buyers while others were broken, concealed or thrown away.

“Old Khmer household materials of copper or silver were melted down and repurposed into works of art or objects of worship,” Manara said.

He added that the new generation is not familiar with their own culture and the daily life of their ancestors, so the museum’s mechanism of collecting traditional Khmer household materials is very important because these items will disappear in the near future if authorities and people ignore them.

The owner of the Vimean Sokha museum in Siem Reap province, Ly Pengheng, who also collects traditional Khmer household items, said yesterday that it was good for the museum and the Khmer people as these rare items are rapidly disappearing as people think that they have no value and are useless. , but on the contrary, they are so precious and representative of Khmer culture.

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