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The National Museum shines a light on the historical legacy of Sultan Said



Muscat – The National Museum has released a calendar and notebook for 1443-1444 AH / 2022 CE with the phrase “Muhibukum” appearing on the front cover and inspired by one of the official seals of the late Sultan Said bin Taimur.

The calendar and notebook highlight aspects of Sultan Said’s legacy in various fields, as well as several royal artifacts, which document the historical stages of his life.

The selected objects, acquired by the National Museum, shed light on the reign of Sultan Said. The collection includes a crescent-shaped amulet necklace presented to the late Sultan Qaboos bin Said, on behalf of his father, Sultan Said, dated 8 Sha’ban 1328 AH / August 1910; a commemorative gift box presented by the Hyderabadi ithna’ashari of Muttrah as an oath of allegiance to Sultan Said to commemorate his ascension to the throne on 12 Thil-Hijjah 1350 AH / 5 May 1932 CE; a set of 10, 5, 1, 1/2, 1/4 Rial Saidi and 100bz banknote albums dating from 1390 AH / 1970 CE; and a commemorative plaque of Al Bab al Kabir dating from 1354 AH / 1935 CE.

The collection also includes an Al Bab as Saghir dating from AH 13 / 19th century CE; a circular seal belonging to Sultan Said; and a car driving license (No 193) signed by Sayyid Tarik bin Taimur al Said, then registrar in the department of the municipality, dated 3 Ramadan 1368 AH / June 29, 1949 CE, donated by Hassan bin Mohammad al Jamali .

Other items displayed are a photo of a wristwatch donated by Sultan Said to Hamad bin Abdullah al Riyami for obtaining the highest marks at the Saidiyya School in Muscat, dating from Ramadan – Shaw’wal 1374 AH / May 1955 CE ; a tapestry (Shokko no Nishiko) depicting birds, dragons and mythical flowers dating from before 1163 – 64 AH / 1750 CE; and commemorative stamps and first day envelopes to mark the second anniversary of Oman’s first shipment of crude oil. The commemorative stamps are dated 13 Shaw’wal 1388 AH / 1 January 1969 CE.

A commemorative plaque bearing a sample of lunar soil and the flag of the Sultanate of Muscat and Oman dating from 1389 AH / 1969 CE are also on display.

The calendar includes a letter from Sultan Said to his son the late Sultan Qaboos bin Said dated 21 Ra-jab 1392 AH / 31 August 1972, and ends with a photograph of Sultan Said with his signature and the date 1381 AH / 1961 THIS .

The 2022 calendar is a continuation of that of 2021, which opened with “Muhibukum Qaboos bin Said”, and highlighted parts of the great heritage immortalized by Sultan Qaboos.