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Vietnam National History Museum uses technology to bring history to life | Culture / art


The application of 3D modeling technology in virtual reality has been implemented in exhibitions titled “Vietnamese Buddhist Heritage” and “Vietnamese Ancient Lamps” in 2013, said PhD Nguyen Van Doan, director of the National History Museum of China. Vietnam.

The museum has continued to digitize information about objects that must be carefully researched to prepare for online exhibits. In addition, the museum has also improved and upgraded the 3D application which was applied for another exhibition featuring 20 Vietnamese national treasures in 2020.

In fact, the virtual exhibit makes it easier for people to understand exhibits and access all the information they need than the actual display, the museum official said.

An ancient lamp in human form at the National Museum of Vietnam History

The National Museum of Vietnam History has launched a free online museum tour using the Zoom app since 2017 for history buffs, especially young people. The program called Tourday online has been temporarily suspended due to the Covid-19 epidemic since early 2020.

The first trip on the theme “Dai Viet Culture in the Ly-Tran Dynasties” attracted nearly 100 participants within 24 hours of the launch.

Head of the museum’s communications department, Ms. To Thi Thuy Lam said that the Tourday offers unique experiences to visitors and responds to their demand for historical research and strengthens the bond between spectators and the museum.

The online travel has contributed to the diversification of technology products applied in exhibition activities. However, the program was carried out by volunteers, so it does not have a fixed schedule and requires more investment.

The museum will continue to add more documents, images and objects to present the value of national heritages to the public. He also plans to pilot the 3D virtual projection autoguiding program and application to capture global trends. said museum director Nguyen Van Doan.

By Mai An – Translated by Km Khanh

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